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Sunday, August 27, 2006

New York

Hello everyone,
Jenny and I moved into Newburgh, NY on the 17 but we haven't spent much time home. The day after we arrived we went to a bbq by Manhattan College and spent the night in the Bedford Park community. It was great to spend some time with the community and see their house (the deck is great!) Br. Michael, Jenny and I explored some of Manhattan, walked across the Brooklyn Bridge and went to a Mets game. We had great seats and the game which were given to us from a member of out Board of Trustees. When we got back to Newburgh we worked in the school for a few days, getting it ready for opening day which is coming up Wed. after Labor Day and we even got to see a student who stopped in, wondering when school opens.
Our community went to Lake Luzirne (I think) near Saratoga and stayed in the Brother's house on the river. It was beautiful until I saw a mouse on the day we were leaving. Jenny and I are going back up there for Labor Day, along with some other East Coast volunteers- I can't wait!
Tonight was the first Sat. night we have been home so Jenny and I decided we were going to explore Newburgh and find some places to hang out. We found a few places by the river which will probably be fun to go once the college students get back to school. We also found another place called Pineapple Willy's where we met a few people who offered to show us around for the night and asked if we were single and up to meeting some Hatians. We decided to go with them and try to make some friends our own age but "lost" our tour guides when they took us pretty far out of the area. Jenny and I learned it's probably not the best idea to follow random people from Newburgh around- hopefully we will eventually meet some people to hang out with!
Tomorrow we are having the Bedford Park community over for Br. Ed and Jenny's birthdays. Daniel is also coming down from Albany to join us so it should be a fun afternoon!
Hope you all are doing well, miss you!


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