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Monday, February 19, 2007

Iron Chef Harvey

President's Day arrived with members of the Harvey Community ready to embrace it in all of its glory, however, some of us had plans not to have plans which eventually proved to be a problem. As excited as we were to do nothing, it grew tiresome and lunch ambled around at which point Andre, Ernest, and Jolleen found one another in the kitchen. Jolleen was considering tuna, Andre was considering eating, and Ernest was merely considering. That is right, just standing around -- considering. What Ernest was considering is what we all found out.
From there was born a competition involving three cans of tuna and three members of the community --- cooking talent and ability varying. This proved to be neither here nor there...

Andre created a hot pasta based tuna dish using spaghetti, alfredo sauce, spices that will remain anonymous and undrained tuna.

Jolleen created baked cheese stuffed mini pitas filled with a tuna salad made with fresh vegs and topped with lettuce, a dab of salsa, and a decorative "s" of sour cream.
Ernest created an elegant pan fried sandwich reminiscent of a traditional Po'Boy only this one had a near bolied egg, sandwich spread, tuna, cheese, Tony Chachere's Creole seasoning (in honor of Martin, Ross, and NOLA), oh and just a hint of grape jelly.

Watch for the recipes coming really soon.
FYI: We were all winners as there were no judges other then ourselves and we all ate some of what everyone created and luckily, are still living to report as such. Admittedly, Jolleen did do an awful lot of complaining that Ernest was using grape jelly. He thought to use cabbage but was strong armed. ;)


  • At 10:49 PM, Blogger Mary said…

    Haha that's awesome! Sounds like you had a good day off and you deserved it!


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