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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

the poetry of a high school boy.

this was too funny not to share.

My students a few weeks ago were asked to come up with 10 words that describe emotions.

We wrote all 10 on the board and then I passed the 10 words out and their assignment was to come up with a short story or poem with the words they were given.

The next day each student performed their piece for class.

We made a horse-shoe with the chairs and the performer stood in the middle. After they were done performing, each student had to give a positive and a negative critique of the students performance based on a rubric that was passed out prior to the assignment.

Everything was fine until this one, each student was giving great criticism, they clapped politely for eachother, then the next student would perform and so on... until Moises, one of my favorite, yet most challenging students walked to the front of the semi-circle to perform. This was his poem.

How I got a "cold".

I set up a date for my friend and he could have easily scored,
But he was very shy so his date was very bored,
So I took over and she became relieved and content,
I took her to Las Vegas where she paid my six months rent,
I was pretty happy with this girl so I made her my chick,
Until I caught her virus and a week later I became very sick,
So I left that girl I think her name was Nancy,
I will never forgive her because I am not antsy in the pantsy,
I moved on with my life and felt good teaching Spanish,
Until I would break out and the kids would think I was outlandish.

The class gave him a standing ovation.
He looked at me like he knew that he was in the wrong.
I stayed in my seat, stared at him (trying not to burst out laughing), and told him to see me after class, he put his head down, apologized, and headed back to his seat.

Now if only he would use his creativity for his own good, because he is such a good kid! ( and yes we talked about it... and he made a better story in the end...)

I'm sure everyone has a kid or two that are like this... but I had to share this.

Thinkin of you all!

God Bless!


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