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Monday, March 26, 2007

Prayer request....

If you could all offer up a prayer.... on Friday night a Tides client, and newly Tides Learning Center student, passed away. He was 14, drunk and stole his mother's car and crashed it into a telephone pole. This was not a client that Casey or I knew, he is in another town where our main office is. But I do know some of the kids at the Learning Center there, and they are having a very difficult time, and spent most of the weekend with the boy's mother and trying to comfort each other. They also created a vigil which I drove past during the night last night, it is really touching with so many balloons and flowers and the candles were still glowing at 3:30 this morning (I was returning from FL with judo kids... more on THAT later). However, also this weekend, another teen, who was visiting the vigil was killed in a hit and run at the same site. His girlfriend is also a client of ours. The whole event is very tragic and takes a toll on students and staff. Please pray for the souls of these teens, and those who grieve him.


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