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Thursday, August 31, 2006

i'm goin' to kansas city, kansas city here i come...

Well, dear LV's, it's fabulous to read about all of your adventures!

Despite my apparent militant disinterest in blogging, we are getting into the swing of things after a month here in Kansas City! Our month has consisted of some interesting highlights (which are probably only interesting to the 5 of us here, so deal with it):

- Amado went jogging with his big ol' backpack on. This killed us.
- On days when the weather was more than 100 degrees (there were several of these), our community went to the fountain in front of the Hallmark Crown Center (kind of like a mall) for a free walk-through/swim. Twas great, till I got bronchitis.
- Because I didn't have health insurance for a while, I was treated for said bronchitis by a community doctor friend of our house's in the parking lot of my favorite park after a Hiroshima vigil. She looked at my throat by the overhead light in her car. Efficiency at its best.
- Our computer was hit by lightening.
- My school was flooded the same weekend, and Heather was on the news (though I should admit that I still haven't actually SEEN the newsclip, I've just heard about it from 25 people)
- Kendall and I schooled Heather, Amado, and Jonathan in darts. Pretty much rocked.
- I've learned the fine art of bathroom caulking and how to use a giant floor buffing machine.
- Kendall and I went to a free concert at the Crown center: John Corbitt the singer (remember "Northern Exposure" and Aiden from Sex and the City?) He's a singer! And a stupid one at that... he played on in the craziest lightening and electric storm I've ever seen! Fingers in the sky!

We take joy in the small pleasures of life here (like pulling deep, deep weeds from the root and finding a whole nest of roaches in your extermination pursuits and $1 bag sales at the local thrift store and free ice cream socials...)

Well, I need to go. Holla back.
peace to you all!


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