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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Huff! Puff! and KCMO!


I hope everyone is having a spooktacular day, full of sugar-highed children. HAHA. I wanted to post some pictures of Jon and me and all the fun activities we've been doing here in KC. Apart from teaching awesome 2nd and 3rd graders, we were able to participate in Kendall's youth group activity called "Trunk or Treat" on sunday for Halloween. I decided a while back what I wanted to be for Halloween, this is one of two of my favorite holidays! But when I asked Jon what he was thinking of being he came back with "I don't know really." Boyly typical. So I suggested he could do something with me and I would make our costumes worth it. Well, it was a hit! St. Stephen's had a special Halloween Party last friday for all the kids and we got to go surprise them all as Little Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf as Granny. I hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

Heather (and Jon in spirit)

---boo, blogger said it's having some difficulties loading pictures, when I have another moment (And it's working properly) I will add the pictures. Until then, just laugh at the prospect of us sillys---

It's the 31st!

Happy Halloween Kids!

the poetry of a high school boy.

this was too funny not to share.

My students a few weeks ago were asked to come up with 10 words that describe emotions.

We wrote all 10 on the board and then I passed the 10 words out and their assignment was to come up with a short story or poem with the words they were given.

The next day each student performed their piece for class.

We made a horse-shoe with the chairs and the performer stood in the middle. After they were done performing, each student had to give a positive and a negative critique of the students performance based on a rubric that was passed out prior to the assignment.

Everything was fine until this one, each student was giving great criticism, they clapped politely for eachother, then the next student would perform and so on... until Moises, one of my favorite, yet most challenging students walked to the front of the semi-circle to perform. This was his poem.

How I got a "cold".

I set up a date for my friend and he could have easily scored,
But he was very shy so his date was very bored,
So I took over and she became relieved and content,
I took her to Las Vegas where she paid my six months rent,
I was pretty happy with this girl so I made her my chick,
Until I caught her virus and a week later I became very sick,
So I left that girl I think her name was Nancy,
I will never forgive her because I am not antsy in the pantsy,
I moved on with my life and felt good teaching Spanish,
Until I would break out and the kids would think I was outlandish.

The class gave him a standing ovation.
He looked at me like he knew that he was in the wrong.
I stayed in my seat, stared at him (trying not to burst out laughing), and told him to see me after class, he put his head down, apologized, and headed back to his seat.

Now if only he would use his creativity for his own good, because he is such a good kid! ( and yes we talked about it... and he made a better story in the end...)

I'm sure everyone has a kid or two that are like this... but I had to share this.

Thinkin of you all!

God Bless!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Walk for JDRF- Jersey/Philly LVs

Hey guys! Well this weekend LVs Sara, Paul, Janitzia and I took on the 5k for Juvenile Diabetes research... so much fun! Thanks Paul for putting it together!

Left to right... Paul, Bro Ed. (Manayunk house), Me, Janitzia in front, Sara, Mary (teacher at La Salle Academy in Philly)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

"We should not be in school on Halloween!"

Well, I realize it has been quite sometime since I have "blogged." But, I'll try to give you some highlights from the last few weeks:
I finally feel like I am in the groove of things here in Philly. I am slowly making some friends and school is smoothing out. We had a soccer tournament (Jahmese's boys were in it too) a few weeks ago. All the 5th, 6th, and 7th graders were required to go as part of our Sat. programs we do for the kids. It was the first chill atmosphere I have been in with the kids. When the kids were not playing they got to play other games and listen to music. Well, I started dancing with some of the first they were embarassed that their teacher was dancing...haha! Then they were sooo suprised I knew the music, they told me I was too old to know that music. But, then they told me I could actually dance, and one of my 5th graders kindly suggested some local clubs I should check out! Wow!

For my birthday, some of the 7th grade girls, who have named me "Baby Spice" (for some reason, they have named all of the teachers after the Spice Girls), gave me a card and lollipop. My 6th grade girls, on the other hand, were so kind as to give me my first fight to break up! Luckily, Paul was in a classroom close by to help me break it up before it got out of hand!

A funny little thing that happened. The other day a 5th grader told me that she was not going to come to school on Halloween because "We should not be in school on is a holiday!" Trying to hold back laughter, I told her that Halloween was not the kind of holiday we get off of school for. In stead, we get the day after, All Saints Day, off! I love Catholic Schools!

My parents came for a visit for my birthday. They drove 15 hours to get here just for the weekend...I know they are crazy! We visited the Eastern State Penitentiary. No, we didn't vist prisoners. For those of you who do not know, it is the oldest prison in the United States. My dad, being a correctional officer, took some interest in it, and it was actually really interesting. We got to see Al Capone's prison cell! Besides that, we ate a lot of good food, wandered around Philly and Camden some, and did a little shopping. It was so great to have them see where I live and work.

The Camden Volunteers, two soon-to-be brothers, and I went out for my birthday. Jahmese posted a pic. As you can see we had fun!!!

I hope all is well with you all! I don't know about you but I have enjoyed getting emails talking about midyear! I can't wait!

Bear Mountain end our CAP weekend, we went to see the Foliage and climbed Bear Mountain

Getting ready for the hike!

We're halfway there...

Taking a break for a picture

We made it!!


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Bedford Park CAP

Just a few overdue pics from our CAP

Check out these muscles!!!

Br. Ed and Br. Bud Knight

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Saturday, October 21, 2006

The hills are alive...

...with the sound of music!

So, you may not know that Manayunk, the area where Sara and I live, is hilly, but rest assured...there is music is them thar hills!

I was recently chatting with my sister from home and she recommended a new music site for me to try. It's Pandora. This site lets you search for a specific artist or song and then goes into its huge database and plays music which is similar to the song you requested. It's a GREAT way to find new music you like!

So, let's say I went there and searched for Josh would also play the 3 Tenors, certain pieces by Ricky Martin (yup, seriously!), and even music by Rod Stewart.

Give it a click and enjoy!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival

So every year in October, Half Moon Bay, a small coastal town an hour south of San Francisco, has its annual pumpkin festival. There one can eat and learn more about pumpkins than one could have ever imagined. For the past 2 years Bridget has worked in a booth with her Aunt selling artichoke hearts and in the process mastered the art of shucking artichokes. You may be askign yourself what do artichokes have to do with a pumpkin festival. Well besides the mammoth size turkey legs and baked potatoes, artichokes are one of the few food items that does not have pumpkin listed among its main ingredients. Last weekend, Justine, Katie Jann and I ventured down to this strange festival and took some photos to document our trip.

Before arriving to the festival we had to make our way through the traffic for 2 hours (on the way back it was 3 hrs)

Justine just couldn't get over the smell of nature and then began to ask questions about the ecology of the area.

Waiting for Bridget to find us.

Besides the wonderful pumpkin cheesecake you see Katie enjoying, there was also pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin fudge, pumpkin sweet rolls and much much more to choose from.

Some how when I carve pumpkins they just don't turn out like this.

Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival Continued

As if the thrill of a pumpkin festival wasn't enough, we ventured on down to the beach for some more excitement. After what seemed like an eternity of walking, although Bridget swears it was only a couple of blocks, we finally reached the beach.

We were exhausted after the "short" walk to the beach.

And well after taking some pictures and walking around, the reality of being in nature just overwelmed Justine and well see for yourself what happened...

Calling all LV's!

So, traditionally, we all gather after Midyear at one of the NY communities. I am curious if there is anything being planned or thought up regarding that for this year? I know last year most of us crashed at BP and we all went out in the city together.

What's the good word folks?

Oh and in case you're curious, the retreat center is about an hour 15 from Albany and just under two from BP....


a hero, a scoundrel and a victim...

I've been reading the novel "Chronicler of the Winds" by Henning Mankell lately (great book) and last night there was a passage that hit me. In it he is referring to a group of street kids in Africa, but what hit me was how perfectly it described my kids and I think many of you may be able to relate:

"Gradually he came to know them all, one by one, and he discovered that they were grown up even though they were kids, that they were old men even though they had scarcely reached puberty. Their stories stretched over infinite spaces of experiences, and each was a hero, a scoundrel and a victim in his own drama."

Do the math...

I just submitted a payment to my loan servicer in the amount of $4, great THAT felt! And after AmeriCorps paid my interest of ~$800, that gives me $5,500 after just one year of service! That means that I would have had to pay $460 a month to match this lumpsum payment of $5,500. I am quite certain my friends in "the real world" are not doing this well with their payments! Woot Woot!

Let's give it up for Alisa for making sure everything is done correctly for AmeriCorps!

Monterey Road Trip

Hey Guys!

Here's some pics from our roadtrip to Monterey over Columbus and Indigenous People's Day. Justine and I went to the Monterey Aquarium while Bridget and Chris were in their literary glory walking around Cannery Row. Afterwards, we all went on the 17-mile drive on the CA Coast and then to the Mission in Carmel by the Sea. Hope you enjoy them!


Thursday, October 19, 2006

The other LVs in KC...

Jonathan's second grade class

The Paseo community..

Holy Family and Paseo community celebrating Vicki and Jonathan's Birthdays!

Heather and a student painting

Jonathan reading to the second graders

Jonathan and a student

Heather going over geography with the 3rd graders

Heather and her class outside of their classroom

Kansas City Visit

Here are some pictures of the LVs in KC...

Amado tried on Vicki's glasses and Kendall tried Br. Louis'

Amado in Br. Louis' glasses...

Vicki in the you see a pattern??

The Holy Family Commnunity

Amado's Youth group

In front of St. James Parish where Kendall works after their centenial celebration

Vicki with a few members of her parent's gropup. The topic was internet safety...very good presentation

Amado at the food pantry with a student out in Lexington

The smallest members of the Holy Family Community (though some are not so small)....

Browning LV Visit

Here are some pics from Montana! Luckily there was not any snow yet!!