Lasallian Volunteers 2006-2007

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Monday, March 26, 2007

Prayer request....

If you could all offer up a prayer.... on Friday night a Tides client, and newly Tides Learning Center student, passed away. He was 14, drunk and stole his mother's car and crashed it into a telephone pole. This was not a client that Casey or I knew, he is in another town where our main office is. But I do know some of the kids at the Learning Center there, and they are having a very difficult time, and spent most of the weekend with the boy's mother and trying to comfort each other. They also created a vigil which I drove past during the night last night, it is really touching with so many balloons and flowers and the candles were still glowing at 3:30 this morning (I was returning from FL with judo kids... more on THAT later). However, also this weekend, another teen, who was visiting the vigil was killed in a hit and run at the same site. His girlfriend is also a client of ours. The whole event is very tragic and takes a toll on students and staff. Please pray for the souls of these teens, and those who grieve him.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Hey all!
Just thoght I'd some news with you all!
JP and I worked at a Crab Feed for one of our local Catholic grade schools... and got these shirts...
yes, they say "I'm A Crabby Teacher" and yes, that design on the bottom is a crab :)
Other news from the Yak, right after mid-year the Junior/Senior English teacher resigned... so I stepped in and am teaching two sections of Junior English!... I absolutely LOVE it!
OOH! Tennis started and I have the sweetest group of girls ever! :)
So things have really shaped up here in Yakima!
I hope everyone is doing well!
Much love to you all, and good luck with re-applications/grad apps etc!
Much love!
God Bless

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Hello from Memphis.....

San Miguel Providence (Feb 07)

Heather Ruple, Megan & Ashely...before the skiing trip!

BYE....see you on the slopes!

Old Event....Bedford Park Health & Wellness Day

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

NBNY (Newburgh music video)

Hey everyone,
If you haven't been to Newburgh yet, or even if you have, check out this music video on utube. This is shot a block away from our school...

San Miguel Slammers

This is the group piece!

"Louder Than A Bomb"

Chicago - Five student lyricists from the San Miguel Schools Chicago - Gary Comer Campus recently took part in the Young Chicago Authors "Louder Than A Bomb" Teen Poetry Festival and Slam Competition. This is the 3rd year that San Miguel has sent a team to participate. Each student worked for weeks with mentors Kathy Donohue and Jolleen Wagner to create an individual piece; and as a team the students crafted a group piece.

The group piece, titled "Lessons Learned," was spearheaded by 8th grader Shantell Hill. The content reflects the students' feelings regarding the current government of the United States and it's pitfalls as seen from the eyes of these 7th and 8th grade students. This piece won the group poem round in the teams Friday bout. The team participated in two couts consisting of 5 rounds each that were held at Colombia College. The team placed 3rd on Thursday, March 1 and 2nd on Friday, March 2nd.

The San Miguel Slammers
Shantell Hill performing "Nothing New"
Wesley Brown performing "Family Affair"
Cantrell, Dominique, Wesley, and Shantell waiting on stage for the announcement of the results.
Shantell throwing up 2 for Second Place with Tiara as they pose for the camera.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Over the holidays donors gave our families a bunch of turkeys, and there were four left over, so the community decided to use them. Three months later, three of them were still in our freezer taking up space. Ernest had just the solution to the dilemma:
This time it was bigger and better with a new group of contestants (well, two of them at least). Joel made his debut, along with Dan Rohan, San Miguel Chicago's IT director. The mission: Sunday community dinner. The ingredient: poultry. Since Joel had baked a turkey we had a lot to work with.
Ernest made a turkey and a chicken dish baked in a homemade cranberry based sauce. They were served alongside a Winter Salad made with Romaine lettuce, apples, pears, dried cranberries, cashews, cheese, and a homemade poppy seed dressing.

Joel made gluten free turkey dumplings with a wonderful orange sauce. It was coupled with aromatic garlic ginger rice.

Dan broiled chicken breasts stuffed with ham, provolone cheese, onions, shallots, peppers, and secret spices. He also made some deliciously glazed carrots to go with it.

This time there were plenty of people to judge, but none of them were up to the task of giving the verdict, as all the dishes were equally delectable they said.