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He has called us each by name...

Thursday, November 30, 2006


Just wanted to share a few pics of our community after our recent wallop of snow.

We climbed into a snowbank and took this picture as fast as we could as clouds of dusty snow swirled around us.

JP on our back porch in one of his infamous sweaters... (the kids love to make fun of these... in fact, a comment after one awhile ago was... "Mr. Schultz, I really like your sweater, it looked great on my dead grandfather.")

Busy weekend here, huge buzz around school because our football team made state finals and everyone will be heading there tomorrow!

Have a great day!

God Bless,


p.s...Amado... it's winter... hate to break it to you, the midwest just gets colder.

Ice in KC...nearly 70 degree weather in Philly???

So, I had to laugh just a little when I read Amado's post about freezing rain. This week has been super weird in Philly because it is Dec. tomorrow and we are looking to reach nearly 70 degrees today? What is that? I think I am scared a winter storm is just going to sweep in unannounced because I am wearing a sweater today! Haha! I was told there wasn't a whole lot of difference between Midwest and Philly isn't turning out that way thus far. I mean I kinda like the warmness...but I want a little bit of cold weather! Let's go snow days!!!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

insane people call it an ice storm

sane people call it the rain of death.

This year is full of new experiences for me. Living in a Catholic Worker house, going to Iowa, and driving in the middle of rain that freezes on contact or, more hilariously, in the air.

I think I may just stay inside for the rest of the winter.

And that's all from KCMO.

Monday, November 27, 2006


We just found out tonight from our student, Lela, that on Thanksgiving that her aunt and two cousins were shot to death while celebrating the Thanksgiving meal by her two uncles. This has shocked the local Eritrean community. Apparently these killings were an act of revenge for her uncle's suspicious death eight months ago. Below is a link to the article about the shootings from the Oakland Tribune.

We ask that you keep Lela, her family and the rest of the Eritrean community in your prayers over the coming days and weeks. We are trying to give whatever assistance we can to Lela. She is taking it very hard. Any cards of condolences can be sent to:

The LEO Center
Attn: Lela Legesse
PO Box 3238
Oakland, CA 94609

Thank you so much for your prayers!

Introducing Kumquats...

Kumquats are small oblong orange looking things that almost tastes like an orange, but it's like 1000x better. It originates from a small fruit-bearing tree, a native plant particularly found in China, Taiwan, and parts of Southeast Asia. Harvest season for this small fruit comes during mid autumn to early winter. Kumquats are eaten whole, just pop it in your mouth, pierce the skin with your teeth, and taste the bittersweet tangy juice.Then spit the seed out.The kumquat is considered ripe when it reaches a yellowish-orange color. Like duh, don't eat them green. Also, the kumquat can be substitued for the olive in a Martini-to give it a zesty taste.
Enjoy a Kumquat today, at your participating grocery store.

Ps. I like to eat 50-for beginners may I suggest 15.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Macy's Thanksgiving Parade

Hey, hope everybody's Thanksgiving dinner went well and that each of you gorged yourself with food. Here are some pics from the Macy's parade. It was a cold and rainy day and they had to lower the balloons, but I tried my best to capture the essence of them. See you all soon!!

Thursday, November 23, 2006

To keep or not to keep...

While returning to school after a field trip recently, I was talking to a 5th grader about being adopted and he asked some very specific questions:
Him: "So where are your parents now?"
Me: "They're in heaven."
Him "Oh, so you were an orphan"
Me: "No, my aunt brought my sisters and I here from Poland."
Him: "So your mom is your aunt?"
Me: "No, I was adopted by other people. My aunt already had kids of her own."
Him: "Wow Mr. Paul. I would have kept you."

I was astonished by his words. A 5th grader telling me that he woulda kept me. I was all warm-n-fuzzy inside.

Thanks little buddy :)

Monday, November 20, 2006

Mmmm...just like chicken!

So, a third grader comes up to me today. It's the first time I have seen him today...and he says, "Hey Mr. Paul! Did you know that Hannibal Cannibal ate people?" I say, "Wow...I did know that, Joe (fake name). Where did you learn that?" He replies, "Oh, my grandad told my this weekend. See ya Mr. Paul!" and he goes off to unpack his bag.

So here I'm left thinking, "Whoa! Who on earth tells their 9-year-old grandson that people eat people? How did that conversation germinate?" I mean, Joe made it seem like a factoid...something interesting. Meanwhile, I'm thinking I'll watch my back a little closer around Joe in case he gets hungry ;)

I love those matter how zany!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

A Weekend In The Bay Area :)

A few pics from my visit to the Bay Area to visit Katie Jann, Kelly Botto, and their communities!

Katie, Kelly, and me on the boat before we got onto the island to visit Alcatraz! (that's Kelly's dad in the background!!) ------------->

<---hot Kell! :)

My grad pictures @ Alcatraz-------------------->

Katie Enjoying her headset tour
- - ->

Katie and me before the Concert!!! :)

<------Katie and me with James Blunt after his amazing concert!

So there are the pics ;)

I hope everyone is doing well!

Anyone have any big Thanksgiving plans?

Our community is going to Hood River, OR where we will be meeting up with Gil and the Portland Community, Kelly, Katie, Justine, and Br, Anthony from the Bay Area, and Katie K and Charlie from Browning! (I'm making 2 -- 20 pound turkeys!!!)

Then we'll be hanging out for the rest of the weekend, probably a brewery tour, my birthday dinner on Friday, and some LV craziness!

Happy Thanksgiving week everyone!

Can't wait to see pics of your extravaganza's!

God Bless!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Oh Jesus....

So we're doing some decorating tonight with knick knacks and what not we've found along the way... including an old beat up, dusty crucifix, and Casey says to Br. Michael:

"Ya gotta do something about Jesus here...." and then proceeds to complain about the bad shape it's in and that it just doesn't look very good...

Br. Michael responds:

"Well the real thing didn't look too good either I'll have you know"

and if that wasn't enough Casey says:
"Well I don't want the real Jesus hanging in my house!!!"

Run Adriana, Run!!

So a few weekends ago a few of us LVers hopped from subway to subway to follow Adriana run the 37,000 particiapant NYC Marathon!! Beth, Seth, Janitzia, Mary and I met up with 2 former LVs, Erica and Jillian (my LV mentor!) and hopped subways so that we could see her run at different points of the race. However, twice we missed her because she was running FASTER than her anticipated speed. And even at the last few miles she was passing people like it was her job! We nearly missed her and everyone went running down the sidewalk to run along side was a sight to see! Let me tell you, she was the best lookin runner out there! Even Mr. Armstrong himself didn't look as good!

Yep... That's Lance

Her #1 fans... Seth, Beth, Carrie (SMC alum) & her dad ( I think), Adriana's BF, Mary, Erica & Jillian (LV alums), myself & Janitzia with ADRIANA


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Hello there,

Here is a nice recap of what happened during the week of Halloween. We took the lasallian youth for trick or treating for can goods, and the guy behind the tree. I am pleased to say that that is one of the parent of our students! He is a great guy, I took this picture when we went to their cabin house outside of the city. It was fun! Him and I went crazy taking pictures while my co-worker went shopping with his wife.


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

KC Holy Family House fun

Well guys this is Kendall (you may have forgotten me since I never blog) But this is my first time blogging so forgive the errors! I've been a blogger reader this whole time but I'm finally taking the next step if you will! I explained it all below! Me and Br. Louis "holding up" one of the Bridges of Madison County!

Vicki, Me and Amado playing in this tower thing we found in Madison County on our detour!

I work as the Youth Minister at St. James Church. This was our Youth Group's first service outting to Ronald McDonald House of Charities for Halloween.

Amado (cowboy?), Heather (Little Red Ridding Hood), Johnathon (Big Bad Granny) and Me (Butterfly). Thanks to the 3 last minute chaperones we were able to take the youth!

Our communitiy is driving 15 hours down to Georgia this weekend for the SOA (School of the America's protest) check it out at A Lasallian Brother James Miller was killed by graduates of the SOA in the 1980's so even our own community has been affected by this military training site.

Not to make my first blog so "political" but our community is heading to the northeast a day before midyear to go to D.C. for a demonstration to shut down Guantanamo (Jan 11 marks the 5 year anniversary of the first prisoners being brought to Guantanamo) so if anyone can join us just a day earlier we'd love to have you!

Our community went to the INTERnational Catholic Worker gathering held in Iowa a few weeks ago. There were over 300 Catholic Workers from 61 communities throughout the world represented. On we way their we took an adventurous detour to the bridges of madison county, which hopefully explains some of our silly pictures!

Happy early thanksgiving! Please keep us in your prayers this weekend as we travel!

Monday, November 13, 2006

San Miguel Camden Black Tie Fundraiser! 11.11.06

A Jessica Simpson Moment...

So Casey and I were on the way home from work today and were talking about dinner tonight. Brother Dan is cooking and we had a whole conversation about it earlier in the day... And then this conversation transpired:

Casey: "And what are we eating? Pork Chops?"
Beth: "No, lamb chops."
Casey: "Oh," *pause* "Is there a difference?"
Beth: *takes a moment to register that she heard that correctly* "Well, pork is pig, and lamb is lamb.... so the difference is that they are two totally different animals...."

And Casey herself correctly donned this a "Jessica Simpson Moment"

PS- Casey would like to add the following disclaimer: "My head has been spinning all day, its not my fault, everyone's entitled to a Jessica Simpson moment, OK????"

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Mid-year question for those in new york

Here is a very important question....Where are we staying Sunday night?????

Ross and Ernest

Last night: Ross (LV 04-06 Alum), Ernest (LV 04-06 Alum), Joel, and I were sitting mellowly watching the documentary "Invisible Children" about the children of Sudan when we got a phone call from our community director. As it would turn out, Kathy had gone from Chicago to what Joel refers to as the "coast" in Indiana (Michigan City) to find out that she had forgotten the keys to her parents cabin.


So we pile in and head out to meet her round about Gary, Indiana. This leads to the four of us standing in the Gary, Indiana White Castle at 11p.m. waiting for our community director. At this point, Ross has stated numerous times that he is hungry. Ernest then says, "Hey, let's get a crave case." Ross finds this amusing and starts laughing. I see an opportunity and take it, "Seriously, I dare you two to eat 30 burgers between now and when we get to Chicago."

Ross crumples to the floor of the White Castle.

25 minutes later, the car smells revoltingly of greasy sliders covered in cheese and onion and Ross and Ernest are slowing down and looking green.

Ernest: "I think we should slow down..."
Ross: "It's break time..."

They're eyes appear to roll to the backs of their heads as they tell me the count is Ross 10, Ernest 9.

In the end, they both ate 10 each. This morning, I woke up to find them standing in the kitchen over the top of the opened crave case with 10 more burgers staring up at them. Ernest ate two more, then they left to go running.


Friday, November 10, 2006

a quick missive from KC

The new Beck is really good.

Things are grey here.

I hope you all are doing well!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Dead woman wins county race

S.D. candidate gets 100 votes; official says voters knew she was deceased
(Even DEAD Democrats got more votes than live Repulicans)

PIERRE, S.D. - A woman who died two months ago won a county commissioner's race in Jerauld County on Tuesday.

Democrat Marie Steichen, of Woonsocket, got 100 votes, defeating incumbent Republican Merlin Feistner, of Woonsocket, who had 64 votes.

Jerauld County Auditor Cindy Peterson said she believes the county board will have to meet to appoint a replacement for Steichen. Peterson said she'll check with the state's attorney to be sure that's the process.

Peterson said voters knew Steichen had died.

"They just had a chance to make a change, and we respect their opinion."

© 2006 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Congrats Highbridge

Last week, Highbridge Community Life Center received the Neighborhood Builders Award award from Bank of America. HCLC will get $100, 000 for 2 years. The award ceremony was held at the Lincoln Center and was followed by a private performance of the Big Apple Circus. Our community was invited along with some of the Seniors I work with. Everyone had a fantastic time!

Bro. Ed thanking Bank of America

CEO of Bank of America signing the check

HCLC Board of Directors

A little interview after the ceremony

Monday, November 06, 2006

Political Views...shaken, with a twist of lemon!

Every so often, somone comes along and hits politics on the head. They write a story which is both insightful and entertaining. If you want to read a good political article just before these heated elections, read THIS ONE! I enjoyerd it MUCH MORE than anything on TV.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Midyear poll

What airport are people flying in and out of for midyear??? Hope all is well Love, Jen Nash

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Feliz dia de los Muertos!

It's 11.30 at night, I have to be up at 6.30 to lead prayer tomorrow, and I'm here getting ready to bake pan de muertos.

The devotion I have to some things.

Anyhow, I hope you all have a wonderful all souls!

I'll leave you with my favorite poem for the day:

"Solo asi he de irme?
Como las flores que perecieron?
Nada quedara en mi nombre?
Nada de mi paso aqui en la tierra?
al menos flores,
al menos cantos."

"Is this the only way I can go?
Like the flowers that perished?
Nothing will remain of my name?
Nothing of my passing here on earth?
at least flowers
at least songs."

No te rajes, voluntarios lasallianos!


Actual quote from one of our kids: "I ate a honey bee once... it didn't taste like honey at all"

And for you Mitch Hedburg fans:
"I haven't slept for 3 days... cause that would be too long"

"If carrots got you drunk, rabbits would be f*%#ed up"

"I had an ant farm once, those workers didn't grow sh*$"